22nd July 2020

We’ve done it again!

Another year and we’ve passed the ISO 9001:2015 again, with flying colours.  The ISO 9001 accreditation is internationally recognised for a Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring services and products meet industry standards and the needs of all clients.  We are incredibly proud of achieving this prestigious accreditation again, and we knew that our processes and our staff wouldn’t let us down. They are always on hand to help any customer find the part they’re looking for, the team go above and beyond in every aspect of their jobs. Our team will continue to use our robust processes to ensure that our high standards of customer service and management are kept.  Gary Hennessy, Managing Director said “We’re always proud of our team and had no doubts that we’d pass the ISO accreditation again, but it’s nice to have it confirmed that our team and our processes are amazing.’ Terry Brooks, Managing Director added “Yes, we couldn’t be prouder of the team and all the hard work they put in. We know, and now everyone else knows that our team achieve the high levels of customer service that we pride ourselves on.”  At EP4 Electrical, we treat every customer equally, from the large orders to the single part orders, our service is the same throughout, and we firmly believe the customer is king!  To talk to one of our brilliant team members give us a call on 0151 346 1380 or emails us at enquiries@ep4elec.comWe’ve got the part you have been looking for! ISO 9001:2015